If I had babies with the Grey’s Anatomy doctors

Grey’s Anatomy season 10 comes to the UK soon. I should be excited, but instead I find myself filled with anxiety because I just can’t decide which doctor I fancy the most. Imagine if I ever got to visit the Grey’s Anatomy set and obviously had my pick of all the doctors, I’d be completely flustered because I just wouldn’t know where to focus my attention. In all likelihood I’d end up blowing the opportunity of a lifetime. This simply cannot happen.

My two current favourites, Dr Owen Hunt and Dr Alex Karev, were awesome last season. Both are passionate, good, caring people. They’re both amazing doctors. Both are hot. Neither Karla Hunt nor Karla Karev would sound horrible, so there’s just one last factor that will help me break this tie. What would our babies look like?

Thanks to this nifty little tool from Morph Thing, I can check…

Dr Hunt and I would make such a good couple

Me and Dr Owen Hunt

Me and Dr Owen Hunt

And this is what we’d produce (sweet, but I’d probably give it a hair cut)

Baby Hunt

Baby Hunt

Dr Karev and I is another match made in heaven

Me and Dr Alex Karev

Me and Dr Alex Karev

But I can’t work out if our offspring is a boy or a girl?

Baby Karev

Baby Karev

Close call – but I think Baby Hunt has it -much more adorable. I’m happy with that, Owen is lush. Perhaps I should stop avoiding ginger boys in the real world now that I know our kids won’t necessarily look like they’ve been tangoed.

And just because I got into the whole morphing thing, I thought it was worth seeing what would happen if Derek Shepherd and I procreated.

Baby Shepherd

Baby Shepherd

Nah…. Hunt still wins.

K x

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Is Zola the cutest baby on TV?

I believe she is. I’m a bit in love with her – just look at those cheeks.

I always thought TV land couldn’t do better than Emma Geller-Green (Rachel and Ross’ baby in Friends), but Zola is baby perfection.

She looks equally good with a bow or bandage on her head – how many girls can say that?

Interestingly, Ellen Pompeo has her own curly haired cutie in real life. Last week, little Stella was captured helpfully collecting sticks in the park…

They’re just too sweet.

K x

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Falling Skies has landed

Hurrah, Falling Skies has finally landed on our TV screens, bringing with it a bearded, more rough-and-ready Noah Wyle and whole host of American hotties, which I’ll eventually end up adoring I’m sure.

I’m three episodes in, and I have to say, it’s alright… I know it’s not a medical drama, but I can actually see me watching it for more than just a Noah fix.

My first thought, which I still can’t quite get my head around, is how on earth are we expected to believe Noah (who plays Tom Mason) as a dad to a teenage boy (Drew Roy)? I mean, I suppose it’s biologically possible, and I’m not sure how old his son is supposed to be (for argument’s sake, let’s say about 17) and Noah’s just turned 40 in real life – but it seems like only yesterday he was playing a young medical student in ER. The other thing, which is mildly disturbing, is that the teenage son, Hal, is quite hot and I can definitely see me lusting after both in some wrong father/son combo. Oh dear!

Hal isn’t Noah’s only son, he’s one of three – Ben (who has been taken hostage by the aliens) and Matt (who is so adorable). Such a cute little family, but it’s missing a Mum…. I wonder just what it would take to convince the show to cast me as Noah’s love interest/step-mum to his kids in the future…. I can just see Noah falling for me as he’s trying to free me from the evil clutches of the aliens, or skitters as they are apparently called.

For those of you that haven’t watched it yet, the premise is that the world was invaded by aliens about nine months ago. The aliens, as I mentioned earlier are called skitters, and they capture and kill humans in a bid to dominate the earth. Noah’s wife died shortly after the initial attack and his middle son has been “harnessed,” which means he’s been caught by the aliens and turned into a zombie like creature with a long lizard thing (the harness) clinging on to his neck and upper back, pumping him with drugs.

While the fighters spend most of their time scavenging for food, ushering the civilians from town to town and fighting rival gangs and the aliens, there is also a medical element. A doctor has just turned up (to remove the harnesses from the skitter prisoners) who seems to have had some sort of history with Noah’s dead wife. There’s also a female psychiatrist who will inevitably turn out to be Noah’s love interest (until I get the gig that is).

It is very far fetched, but I’m actually enjoying it far more than I thought I’d like a sci-fi drama. I’m definitely sticking with it for the meantime anyway.

K x

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Top five…actors addicted to the medical drama

Having watched many many episodes from my favourite TV genre, it has come to my attention that certain actors undoubtedly have more experience in the medical field than others. Even big characters have been known to appear in more than one of my favourite programmes.

Last night I was watching episode six of Off the Map – “It’s Good,” and who should pop up, but Carla (Judy Reyes) from Scrubs, and that was just one of many familiar faces.

Here are some other notable medical drama double-ups, or in some cases triple-ups – I’m not really complaining, but surely there are enough talented actors out there to mix it up a little.

Jayne Brook – Jayne played Pete’s sort-of-girlfriend, Dr Meg Porter, in Private Practice, but before that she happened to play surgical patient Gwen Graber in Grey’s Anatomy back in 2006. She also appeared in the last episode of Off the Map as Lynn – the wife of a patient suffering from an appendicitis (you really don’t want a burst appendix in the jungle).

Sara Gilbert – Although I’ll always remember her as Darlene in Rosanne, Sara has played Dr Jane Figler in ER, pregnant gas-station hostage patient Kelly in Private Practice and lung cancer sufferer Kim Allen in Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Kingston – I think it’ll be a long time before I watch Alex Kingston and not associate her with her ER character, British surgeon Dr Elizabeth Corday. However, I’m sort of enjoying her as American psychologist, Dr Marla Phillips, in Private Practice – not least because it means Sheldon is finally getting some action. Don’t think she’s quite cracked the American accent yet though…

Kellie Martin – ER’s favourite medical student, Lucy Knight was reincarnated as a patient’s sister, Julie Zelman in Grey’s Anatomy and troubled parent Michelle Larsen, in Private Practice.

Jason George – Possibly the worst offender of them all. Jason had a fairly major role in Grey’s where he played Dr Bailey’s boyfriend, Dr Ben Warren, and he’s now playing one of the lead characters in Off the Map, Dr Ortis Cole. Before all this he also played Ethan Mackiner in ER.

Feel free to share any crossovers I’ve missed – I’m sure there must be lots more.

K x

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Off the Map – initial thoughts…

I’d been excitedly awaiting the screening of Off the Map – the latest medical drama from Shonda Rhimes – since I heard about it last year, but it’s taken me a while to form an opinion on it.

The first four episodes were a bit bland and the characters are exactly what you’d expect. There is the McDreamy/George Clooney equivalent, Dr Ben Keeton (who I think has brooding Carter qualities from those later ER episodes) then there’s his easily identifiable love interest Dr Lily Brenner (who just lacks something) and the hot underdog of the pack Dr. Tommy Fuller.

The picturesque scenery is pretty cool, but the story lines have been a bit weak – they tend to follow a tried and tested formula along the lines of “we’ve got a patient with some weird tropical disease/a jungle creature attached to or inside them/trapped in an awkward situation”. They’re then taken to the ropey clinic and the doctors generally save them. Often the language barrier will fuel a misdiagnosis, however, its predictability is rather comforting, and I think it has potential – that said, I haven’t felt compelled to write about it until I hit the top fifth episode, and that’s only because I thought it went a bit far, even for a medical drama.

In “I’m here” a scuba diving trip goes wrong, and the doctors head out to sea to save a teenage girl who has been trapped under water following a rock slide – her leg is caught between the rocks, the crane is too far away and she’s suffered a collapsed lung, so what do they do? An impromptu amputation of course…

Now, as a medical drama fan I’m used to a bit of blood and guts, but having to watch Dr Keeton use what looked like a long string of barded wire to cut through the poor girl’s leg was just a bit much. And then to see her be lifted to the surface, minus the end of her leg, in a pool of bright red water was just unnecessarily graphic.

I felt it made Off the Map look a bit desperate, ER and Grey’s Anatomy never resorted to stomach churning shock tactics of this level to keep their viewers amused. I remember Carter had to perform an amputation at the scene of a train crash once, but I don’t think we ever had to see the inside of patient’s leg.

I shall keep watching, but Off the Map, if you want to hold my attention I think we’ll need some entertaining love triangles pretty soon.

K x

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AddiSam – the drama continues…

So I watched the follow up episode, and loved it – mostly because, for once, Naomi was amazing.

Sam, on the other hand, did nothing to change my opinion that he is a terrible person. While his girlfriend Addison was spontaneously bursting into tears following the death of her mother, he was busy putting the moves on his long-suffering ex-wife, asking (seductively) how she felt about their recent kiss.

This was bad for two reasons:

  1. The obvious – he has a girlfriend, who he cheated on and rather than showing any remorse he pursued Naomi further
  2. It was completely unfair to put Naomi in that position – he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He wasn’t actually offering her anything, if Nai had wanted more she would been hurt while Sam’s ego received a little boost, however if she denied she still had feelings for him, Sam still had Addison to go home to

Naomi reacted admirably and her often annoying, stone-like composure served her well. If she did still have feelings for Sam, which I doubt, she didn’t let him know. I think, for her, their earlier kiss was about getting one over on Addison.

In fact, Naomi delivered the best line of the series so far when Addison caught on and asked whether something had happened between her and Sam, Naomi replied:

“You know what? Your boyfriend was my husband for 17 years. He married me. I had his child. So, unless you ever hit those milestones, my relationship with Sam will always trump yours.”

Woooooo. Go Nai, go Nai, go-go go Nai!!!!

We’re yet to find out what happens to Addison and Sam now she knows, but they’re both pretty weak – my prediction is nothing much will change, it will just give Addison another thing to be insecure about.

K x

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Just 88 days until Falling Skies – let the countdown begin!

Yes, in 2.5 months hearts will beat again. On 19th June, ER’s Noah Wyle will grace our screens in Stephen Spielberg’s science fiction drama, Falling Skies – and to get us even more excited (I know I didn’t think it was possible either) our friends at TNT have released the third trailer.

I’m also predicting that, true to form, Noah will have a love interest from episode one in Moon Bloodgood (utterly cracking name) who will play Anne Glass – a therapist who works with the surviving children to help them cope with the traumatic situation.

As you might have expected, from June, K’s will be expanding its remit to cover alien fighter dramas, all in the name of the wonderful man that is Noah Wyle.

K x

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