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On the set of ER

Back in April 2003 I got to walk on the ER set. It was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. While I was on a family holiday in LA, we went on a tour of the … Continue reading

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Do doctors wear diapers?

I was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy last night (I’m only at the beginning of season six because I’ve been distracted by my 15 season ER box-set) and I couldn’t decide whether Lexie’s diaper idea was genius or disgusting. She … Continue reading

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ER – translating the medical jargon

After 15 years of emergencies flying through the doors of County General my medical knowledge has definitely improved. I now know that no patient particularly wants to be “traked” or “bagged” and if they call for the shock paddles you’re … Continue reading

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Ten reasons I’m not Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (unfortunately)…

She’s beautiful, talented and funny. As Dr. Bailey puts it “she smells nice, she’s polite and she saves babies” – really what more could we ask for? I have bit of a girl crush on Addison and try to channel … Continue reading

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K’s Anatomy

This blog will celebrate everything there is to love about my guilty pleasure – American medical dramas. Whether it’s reminiscing about classic episodes of ER and Grey’s Anatomy, perving on the incredibly good-looking doctors or discovering new favourites like Private … Continue reading

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