Ten reasons I’m not Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (unfortunately)…

She’s beautiful, talented and funny. As Dr. Bailey puts it “she smells nice, she’s polite and she saves babies” – really what more could we ask for? I have bit of a girl crush on Addison and try to channel her in my everyday life. Sadly, I just don’t quite measure up on a few things…

  1. I do not live in a gorgeous beachside house in Malibu
  2. I could never ever have cheated on Mc. Dreamy
  3. I’m not blessed with her figure, style or wardrobe
  4. I am not the best in my field (at anything)
  5. I don’t have a $25 million trust fund or a house in the Hamptons
  6. I find the thought of entering a real-life hospital very scary
  7. My hair does not always look perfect long, short, straight, wavy, up, down or pulled back in a scrub cap
  8. I couldn’t live in a trailer (even if it was with Derek Shepherd)
  9. I’m not particularly great with babies
  10. I wouldn’t have shown the self-restraint she did with Noah (However, I haven’t seen season 3 of Private Practice yet so we may be more similar that I first thought)

I’ll keep working at it.

K x

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