Do doctors wear diapers?

I was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy last night (I’m only at the beginning of season six because I’ve been distracted by my 15 season ER box-set) and I couldn’t decide whether Lexie’s diaper idea was genius or disgusting.

She was so exited to be included on a 24 hour, record-breaking surgery that she wore a diaper so that she could remain hydrated without having to leave the OR for a quick toilet break. Then I wondered – do you think doctors actually do this? I remember Dr Corday asking for a catheter when she wasn’t excused from surgery in an episode of ER once so maybe it’s not unheard of.

I guess on the one hand it does mean the surgeon is always there in case things start to go wrong, but then wouldn’t it be really gross and unhygienic to have your surgeon relieve themselves while operating on you? Lexie couldn’t bring herself to go through with it in the end – but I wonder if doctors do this in the real world.


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1 Response to Do doctors wear diapers?

  1. KatieB says:

    That’s an interesting question, I’ll ask my doctor best friend….

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