On the set of ER

Back in April 2003 I got to walk on the ER set. It was quite possibly one of the best days of my life.

While I was on a family holiday in LA, we went on a tour of the Warner Brothers studios. After spending ages in the gift shop, where I bought memorabilia scrubs from a lady who told me that Noah Wyle was in there just last week (it’s only just occurred to me that it was unlikely that Noah was ever in the gift shop and she was probably just trying to convert the sale) we got to meet our tour guide. I begged him to show us the ER set and he promised he’d do his best but they obviously had to limit access if they were in the middle of filming.

Thankfully, they weren’t.

Half way through the tour we pulled into County General’s ambulance bay and the nice tour guide showed us the main entrance to the ER, Doug’s basket ball hoop, the dumpster – you know all the cool stuff like that. I was standing where some of my favourite TV moments were actually filmed – I couldn’t believe it.

Then, we turn around to see what’s left of Doc Magoos. The burnt set did give us a clue as to how season nine was going to end, but for once I didn’t mind too much. You can also see where the ‘L’ was supposed to run.

The fact that I also went on the Friends’ set, and saw Martin Sheen on the set of the West Wing was nothing compared to this. It was a seriously awesome day.

Hope you like the photos – there are more on the way, I just need to dig out the ones I took of the props.


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2 Responses to On the set of ER

  1. division6 says:

    Man, you’re right – this post was awesome! Great pics.

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