My favourite patient was in the Metro today…

Who didn’t love Denny Duquette? I think he might have been my all-time favourite patient in the whole world of medical dramas. If ever a dying man, lying around in bed all day, not shaving or washing (I imagine), with a machine pumping blood through his body to compensate for his failing heart, could be considered seriously HOT – it was Denny. OK, I could have done without him coming back as a ghost last year, but it did mean I got to drool over him for 10 more episodes.

Anyway, Grey’s Anatomy’s most memorable patient, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, cropped up in the Metro’s 60 second interview today, promoting his new film The Losers – it certainly made my commute a little more enjoyable.

Apparently he didn’t know he had “sex symbol status” – is he stupid? His relationship with Dr Izzie Stevens made every girl wish her own boyfriend needed a heart-transplant in the hope that they started to resemble the adorable Denny. Alright, maybe not, but he was incredibly handsome, funny and an all-round good catch even with the terminal illness.

Can’t wait to see The Losers now – more of the same please Jeffery!!


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