Noah…..really!! How did it come to this?

Talk about an embarrassment. Just four days after I crowned Dr Carter the doctor I’d most like to marry, Noah Wyle starts walking around Malibu looking like a tramp!

Unfortunately, the bushy beard has returned – didn’t we get rid of this back in season five when Dr Carter managed to superglue it to a patient?? – and he’s wearing baggy trousers, a loose shirt and weird trainers. It’s not the best look is it Noah, can we get the scrubs back please?

According to Mail Online, Noah’s let himself go a little bit since the end of his 11-year marriage to Tracy Warbin, so maybe I should cut him some slack.

Let’s hope he sorts himself out quickly.

K x

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5 Responses to Noah…..really!! How did it come to this?

  1. Dan Bond says:

    McDreamy and his hair for number 1!

  2. susannah says:

    You know, I hate to say it, but I quite like this look for him – less cutesy. schoolboyish, more action man 😉

  3. Pat says:

    Enough of the guys – let’s see a run down of the girls please K

  4. Burty says:

    Never mind the girls, let’s focus on the key point of the story… Carter is single again!!

  5. Satu says:
    He’s appearing in films apparently. I checked for you, and they all sound completely terrible already – one stars Tate Donovan who played Jimmy Cooper on the OC.

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