Top five…doctors I’d most like to look like

1)      Dr Izzie Stephens – I don’t think anyone could dispute the fact that Katherine Heigl is stunning. She looked good even when she momentarily died and didn’t have any hair!

2)      Dr Addison Montgomery – She makes Private Practice as far as I’m concerned. She’s effortlessly glamorous and her legs go on forever and ever. At least our hair colour is the same.

3)      Dr Charlotte King – Private Practice is clearly home to the hotties. She’s petite and blonde so she’s a bit of a stereotypical beauty, but I love the outfits she wears when she’s trying to lure Cooper and her heavy Texan accent has grown on me.

4)      Dr Cleo Finch – She was ER’s token hot girl (and she wasn’t even in it for that long). I think ER might have spent its “good looking allowance” on the men. Thanks for that.

5)      Dr Meredith Grey – She’s Grey’s Anatomy’s leading lady and she bagged Mc Dreamy – she obviously has something going for her. Her hair’s often on the fluffy side though, I’d like to attack it with my GHDs.

It wasn’t until I started pulling this list together that I realised how few female stunners were in ER. Think about it for a moment…….can’t think of any?? Me neither! Other than Cleo, was Dr Abby Lockhart the best it had to offer? Maybe I should aspire to look like her – she had Carter and Luka fighting over her after all – but I can’t quite get over her slightly straw-like hair and inability to crack a smile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I loved Abby, and ER more than made up for it with an abundance of yummy male doctors.

K x

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1 Response to Top five…doctors I’d most like to look like

  1. Mel Dokarry says:

    You’re definitely right as far as ER female docs go! Out of the later docs, Neela was probably the best looking, but apart from that, no one else really springs to mind! On the other hand, ER definitely wasn’t short of good looking male docs!! John Carter is my favourite too! He definitely needs to lose the beard!

    Love the blog btw! Slowly re-watching all my ER box sets now that I have the complete 1-15 set! Am at the end of season 6 at the moment, Carter’s just about to be sent to rehab, so the beard is set to return soon!

    Take care!


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