Dr Doug Ross – was he really all that?

Re-watching some of the early ER classics I can’t help but think Doug Ross fans, and I was one of them, overlooked some of his terrible character flaws. Really, he wasn’t so much a dedicated and compassionate paediatrician but a bit of a rat bag.

Let’s not forget some of the things he did.

In the early days he used to turn up to work still drunk from the night before – would you want your child being treated by an inebriated doctor?

His relationship with Carol Hathaway was a contributing factor to her suicide attempt.

He apparently has a son who he’s only ever mentioned once – if you don’t believe me watch episode 1 – 12.

He used to do the nasty with his father’s girlfriend (not his mum just so we’re clear).

He undermined the authority of nearly everyone he worked with (although it didn’t really bother me when he did it to Kerry because she was annoying) and he used to get his best friend, Mark Green, in trouble with the senior hospital people – that’s just not cool.

When Doug helped a mother give her dying son a lethal dose of pain medication it resulted in him breaking up with Carol, getting her in trouble so she lost her job at the ER clinic and worst of all, after Doug left and she told him she was pregnant (with twins), he didn’t come back for her.

So, what do we learn from all this? That Carol has low self-esteem issues marrying the guy that dumped her twice and left her to bring up twin girls on her own? Well, yes, but I can’t really blame her. The cold hard facts show he isn’t your average “nice guy,” however, he did have lots of redeeming qualities – he was incredibly good at caring for sick children and his dashing good looks go a long way to making up for his mistakes.

I think what Doug Ross shows is that boys, it doesn’t matter what you do, provided you look like George Clooney while you’re doing it. Girls will inevitably overlook your indiscretions and will go out of their way to sing your praises.

K x

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3 Responses to Dr Doug Ross – was he really all that?

  1. patrick says:

    Frankly Nurse Hathaway should just be pleased she got Clooney in the first place! The actress must have been loving it. If I were Dr Ross and had to go out with that, I’d be the one contemplating suicide. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but you get my drift 🙂

  2. Burty says:

    Urmmmm, Paddy, that was WAY harsh!!

    Your post has actually made Kovac just rocket up my fit doc radar… Carter 1, Kovac 2!

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