New cast members for Grey’s Anatomy

Unfortunately, I’ve just heard that one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most annoying reoccurring characters has been promoted to a series regular. Why would they do that?

Dr April Kepner (actress Sarah Drew) is whiny, relatively unattractive and a pretty useless doctor. Considering the cast is a little oversaturated anyway, I don’t understand why they’ve squeezed in this non-entity to give her more airtime than the series’ favs.

According to the actress, Dr April Kepner’s character is interesting because she “stirs stuff up between Meredith and Derek.” Errrr… she doesn’t. Derek would never stray, he barely notices her, and Meredith isn’t the slightest bit jealous.

Tell me I wasn’t the only one wishing the gun-man shot her down at the end of last season! I don’t think anyone would have noticed if she didn’t come back. Instead, her stupidity caused McDreamy to take a bullet to the heart. Idiot!

On the plus side, Dr Jackson Avery played by Jesse Williams, has also been promoted to a cast regular. I’m so fickle – I’m sure half the reason I choose to accept this newbie is because he looks like this.

I’m going to call him Mc Stud Muffin.

K x

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5 Responses to New cast members for Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Pat says:

    Meow!! This is the bitchiest post yet 🙂

    • ksanatomy says:

      Paddy, it’s not my aim to be bitchy, I just say it as it is. Anyway, as far as I recall you don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy so you don’t know what she’s like. Trust me on this one, no one likes her.

  2. Ellie says:

    I love that it’s totally bitchy. Go K! But honestly, you and your spoilers. I must get up-to-date with this show!

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  4. April Kepner has been responsible for more deaths on this show than any of the other characters. She is the MAIN REASON the gunman’s wife died and so I say she indirectly killed everyone. On top of that, she is whiny and neurotic and still manages to fuck up EVERYTHING she does. From talking down a gunman to how she continuously kills people up to season 10. She cuts the bone of a woman to get to an area after Callie told her not too and SHOCKER…woman died.

    Kepner is the freaking Grey’s Anatomy Angel of Death.

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