Top five… most annoying characters

1)      Makemba ‘Kem’ Likasu – I think we were supposed to be excited by Thandie Newton’s appearance in ER, but I wasn’t. She was just wrong, wrong, wrong for Carter – he could have done so much better. The only emotion she was able to convey was misery. Also, I really didn’t like how they left it open as to whether Carter ended up with her or not – I choose to believe they went their separate ways. Anyway, I digress…she was only in it for 14 episodes – it definitely felt like more.

2)      Dr April Kepner – Please see previous post. I stand by everything I said, she’s still whiny, relatively unattractive and a pretty useless doctor. Hopefully Grey’s Anatomy will get rid of her soon.

3)      Dr Kerry Weaver – I know she was one of ER’s longest running characters, but I just didn’t like her. Her voice was so squeaky, she drained the fun out of everything and she took every opportunity to further her own career (often at the expense of Mark Green). I was never moved by any of her storylines. I think we were supposed to like her in the end, but too much damage had been done.

4)      The Bishop (ER) – The Bishop slowly made me lose the will to live, and that is not the reaction a religious figure should provoke. For those of you that don’t remember (after all he was only it for four very painful episodes) Luka treated him in the ER, during which the Bishop somehow made Luka open up about his family dying in Croatia. The Bishop’s death scene was dragged out for what seemed like hours, with dreary orchestral music drowning on in the background. So boring…

5)      Dr Erica Hahn – She just didn’t fit in with the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy characters. She was constantly horrible to Christina and she really didn’t try to make any friends. She wasn’t any fun, but she wasn’t a compelling baddy either. There were rumours that producers gave her the boot because she was “too gay” for the ABC network. I think she was just too annoying.

Have I missed anyone particularly annoying? Feel free to choose your own.

K x

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3 Responses to Top five… most annoying characters

  1. S says:

    This is hilarious. Your hatred for these characters leaps off the page.

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  3. totally85 says:

    I found Erica annoying too. She was rude for absolutely no reason and her character was very odd. Not likable at all.

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