Carter the Casanova

It’s hardly surprising that ER’s Carter was a hit with the ladies. If he were a real doctor I would definitely fake some sort of injury on the off chance he’d be there to treat me.

He was never one for a cheeky cheat-up (except with Lucy, but she was worth it), however he was prone to dipping his pen in the company ink. I’ve counted a massive 13 relationships/interests in 11 years – pretty impressive considering there were a number of long-term girlfriends and a wife in there. Unless I’m missing any, here are the ones I remember….

Liz – Carter sets the tone in the first ever episode. After treating Liz for a rash on her bottom, his impeccable bedside manner scores him an invite back to her place. After the deed, the ever responsible Carter seeks advice from Doug (after all, he does have vast experience in this area) and has an STD test – the results of which were pinned on the ER notice board. How cruel!

Harper Tracy – In season two, Carter was with fellow med-student Harper. It was a troubled relationship, she cheated on him with Doug Ross (see, Doug was a rat bag!) and then she eventually dumped him because Carter was too competitive.

Dr Abby Keaton – Carter got with his boss’ boss back in season three. Abby was a paediatric surgeon who gave Benton a hard time. She was a bit old for little Carter so I imagine it was some sort of power pull. Under the guise of “working on an article” they were at it in her office, when Benton knocks on the door. Carter hides under the desk only to hear her deny his boss a place on her next surgery rotation (poor Benton). Anyway, she called things off when she goes to Pakistan – Carter didn’t seem that bothered.

Dr Maggie Doyle – I’m not sure whether she should be included in his conquest tally as she was a lesbian, but she was still one of Carter’s interests. He was all set to ask her out in season three but she carefully knocked him back letting him know that her “ex-girlfriend was jealous as hell.” Better luck next time Carter.

Dr Anna Del Amico (Maria Bello of Coyote Ugly fame) – He had feelings for Anna at the beginning of season four, but he got into hot water when he tried to empathise with her dire financial situation. Anna later found out that Cater was “real blue blood” when she visited his family mansion and saw a portrait of Carter riding his pony, Marigold – bless him. Anna forgave him but then went back to Philadelphia at the end of the season to be with her ex so it never really got started.

Roxanne Please – Carter dated insurance salesperson Roxanne for most of season five (she would have been number six in my annoying characters list). She was always a bit pushy and the relationship ended for various reasons, I like to think it was party due to Carter’s feelings for Lucy.

Lucy Knight – Lucy was Carter’s med-student, and in my eyes, his sole-mate. Lucy was the only character I thought was good enough for him. They argued like an old married couple, they both frustrated each other more than they thought possible, but they also looked out for each other. In season five they ended up getting it on in one of the examine rooms. He did put a stop to the fling – because he was her teacher (and had a stupid Roxanne as a girlfriend) he knew he couldn’t pursue it, but it didn’t mean he didn’t want to. The moment when Carter was stabbed only to fall to the floor and see Lucy lying there in her own pool of blood was the saddest ER moment EVER. I cried for days when Lucy died.

Elaine Nichols – At the beginning of season six, his cousin’s ex-wife comes into the ER and the pretty blonde makes an impression on him. Carter pursues her at a family function, only to find out she has breast cancer. He tries to support her through her mastectomy but she eventually leaves, telling Carter that she’s going to Europe for a couple of months.

Rena Trujillo – In season seven, after recovering from a stabbing and a drug addition he starts seeing Rena. It’s all going well until he finds out she’s only 19. That doesn’t stop him, but she ends things as she’s convinced he has feelings for Abby Lockhart. She was wise beyond her years…

Dr Susan Lewis – Was it just me that thought this was very uncomfortable to watch? In season eight Carter and Lewis get together, but it just didn’t seem natural. She was too old for him, I think he was just passing time until Abby was available. Maybe they were reliving the glory days of the early seasons as Carter always did have a bit of a crush on her, but it was just wrong. Carter was jealous of her friendship with Mark Green and she thought he was holding a torch for Abby. They stayed friends after it ended, but I could have done without this bizarre love affair.

Dr Abby Lockhart – Yay, finally he gets the girl he’s been pining after for two years. Woop woop! Don’t get me wrong, I did like Abby, but I felt the anticipation of those two getting together was better than the reality. After cementing their relationship during a small-pox outbreak, it just seemed to follow a rocky road. Neither seemed to be happy – Carter awkwardly proposed but it didn’t happen. After only a year together their relationship ended when Carter went to the Congo and breaks up with Abby via a letter. A little harsh I think Carter….

Makemba “Kem” Likasu (Thandie Newton) – Carter met her in the Congo and things move pretty fast, sped up by the fact Carter gets her pregnant. However, when she loses the baby things take a turn for the worse and she moves back to Africa. While they’re separated Carter dates Wendall…

Wendall Meade – In season 11 Carter hooked up with social worker Wendall. Not only did she have a ridiculous name, she also looked a bit like a duck, so it inevitably ended. She dumped him after he said that he didn’t love her and that his heart belonged to Kem.

Kem (again unfortunately) – After Wendall’s ditching, Carter follows Kem to France, leaving County General for good (sob!!!). We find out that they get married but it looks like their marriage wasn’t easy. At the end of season 15 it’s left open as to whether they end up together. Carter seems keen, but Kem’s reluctant. As I’ve said, I like to believe they went their own ways, which means that Carter can still find the love of his life (I’m still free by the way…) 

Who knew there were so many? Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed any.

K x

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5 Responses to Carter the Casanova

  1. Ellie says:

    “Not only did she have a ridiculous name, she also looked a bit like a duck, so it inevitably ended.” Comic genius.

  2. disconaplondon says:

    I remember the Lucy stabbing vividly even though my ER watching has been patchy. Channel 4 used to do great ER ads and I associate the Lucy era with the “Leon on Me” and “Teardrop” adverts.

    I missed the Susan and Carter thing. She reminds me of Clare Balding so it seems implausible.

  3. lana says:

    I agree with you. Lucy was carter’s soulmate, she was the only one good enough for him.I loved them together.Why did they have to kill her off?

  4. Carol says:

    You missed Debbie, from the Africa episodes. They didn’t show much of the relationship, but there was definitely something going on before he met Kem 😉

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