Top five… most shocking moments in medical drama history

What I love about these shows is that I never know what’s going happen next. You’ll be watching what appears to be an average episode and before you know it, your favourite character is dead. I’ve selected my top five most shocking moments that I just did not see coming!

1)      Carter and Lucy get stabbed in the ER – and this will inevitably feature in my “top five saddest moments” too when I come to write it. It was unexpected and heart renching. Carter popped into the examine room to see how his medical student Lucy was getting on with his patient, Paul Sobricki. Carter bent down to pick up a Valentine’s Day card only to be stabbed in the back by Sobricki. When he falls to the floor, clearly in pain, we see Lucy lying there fighting for her life. She’s already been attacked but Carter can’t do anything to help.

And yes, I am aware that anything Carter related usually tops my list of top fives, but what can I say, he is actually the best at everything!

2)      Violet has her baby ripped out of her by her psycho patient – OMG, how did the writers even think of this storyline? At the end of season two of Private Practice, the lovely Dr Violet Turner left the practice on maternity leave. While she was at home she received a visit from a manic Katy, her patient who had previously lost her baby and thought that Violet was carrying it instead. OK, I appreciate this sounds a bit far-fetched, but it was so scary. Katy temporarily paralysed Violet with an injection and set to work cutting Violet open and stealing her baby!

Here’s a mash-up of the drama unfolding

3)      Grey’s Anatomy’s George O’Malley dies – George maked the decision to leave the hospital and join the army. While all his friends were discussing the best way to convince him to stay, a patient is brought in having been hit by a bus (and then dragged along the road for a few blocks). His injuries were too severe to identify who it was. It was only when Dr Grey checked on him that the patient managed to spell out 007 on her hand. It’s George’s nickname and we all realise that George is the patient and he isn’t going to make it. Sob!!

4)      Romano’s arm is chopped off by a helicopter – The ER was in the middle of a lockdown after a suspected smallpox outbreak. Romano, Lewis and Kovac were trying to transport all the critical patients to another airport via helicopter. In all the confusion Roman dropped his clipboard and somehow managed to get his arm caught in the propeller. Ooops!

When I carefully considered this list, I realised I have to mention another equally shocking ER amputation. Dr Ray Barnett lost both of his legs after he was hit by a truck. He was a little drunk and upset after Neela didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her. He went outside, and while he was answering a phone call from her he was hit by the truck. A couple of episodes went by and we didn’t hear anything more about it until Neela receieved a text and decided to pay him a visit in a different hospital. Woooop, we were all pleased Ray was still alive, but wait…..Ray emerged from behind the door in a wheelchair and as he wheeled it around we saw that he didn’t have any legs.

Just an aside, when I was searching the internet for photos/videos of this scene I came across several questions like “did Shane West really lose his legs for the storyline” Seriously people!!!!!! Needless to say, I couldn’t sift through all that to find you a clip – just trust me that it was good.

5)      Derek doesn’t die after he’s shot in the heart – Grey’s Anatomy’s season six finale was pretty shocking all-round. Derek getting shot by the widower of his ex-patient was rather dramatic, but the fact that he (appears to) survive this injury is very shocking! Just watch that bullet take Mc Dreamy down.

Let’s hope the new seasons have equally shocking moments. 

K x

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2 Responses to Top five… most shocking moments in medical drama history

  1. division6 says:

    Romano getting killed by a helicopter the following season just didn’t have the impact… although Pratt’s line [something like] “that guy must have done something terrible to a helicopter in a previous life…” did spark a guilty chuckle.

  2. Gordon says:

    Ooh, you love Carter too! I think you’re totally right, he’s good at everything. And ‘be still my heart’, the episode where Carter and Lucy are stabbed were so good. But as you said, heart renching. Everytime I see it I cry, even though I know what’s gonna happen’. Another episode that always makes me cry is ‘The letter’, when the ER staff gets the letter that Lizzie wrote, telling them that Mark passed away. I’m watching that very episode right now and my heart started pounding and I felt the tears burn in my eyes when Carter went to the fax to get the papers. Long live the ER!

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