Ellen Pompeo has 12 toes (six on each foot)

Ground-breaking news everyone. New photos of Grey’s Anatomy’s leading lady have revealed she has 12 toes – six on each on foot! 

Thanks Mail Online – you’re always the first with the important news.

This sparked a debate in my office – would you rather have an extra toe on each foot, or be missing one? I’d opt for just having four – I think your shoes would fit better and it’s probably less obvious in open-toed shoes – but some thought that having a sixth toe would be a) better for balance and b) a bit like a super-power.

Now I’m undecided, which would you prefer?

K x

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3 Responses to Ellen Pompeo has 12 toes (six on each foot)

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  2. disconaplondon says:

    I’d definitely go for the extra. Like you say, extra balance, Without one I imagine you’d fall over all the time. Although…are there any animals with six toes? Maybe 5 is the optimum and extra ones don’t help.

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