Is Kate Walsh the new Lady Gaga?

Something fishy’s going on. Private Practice’s Kate Walsh appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show wearing a dress made out of sushi.

Apparently she was paying homage to Lady Gaga after she was inspired by her infamous “raw meat dress” at the MTV VMAs earlier this month, while raising awareness of Oceana – her charity which aims to protect the world’s oceans, rather than the chain of UK nightclubs.

Kate’s dress included a lobster tail on her shoulder complete with tuna and salmon maki rolls and edamame beans. She accessorised with a sushi ring and tamago sunglasses and her beautiful Louis Vuitton heels were also decorated with a prawn across her toes.

Ever hopeful, and no doubt frustrated from not getting anywhere with Nadal, Kate finished the interview asking Jay if he fancied “going fishing” – I love you Kate/Addison, but try and rein it in a little.

K x

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3 Responses to Is Kate Walsh the new Lady Gaga?

  1. Burty says:

    That dress is my worst nightmare…fish…ewwwwwwww!

  2. No! She can’t compete with Lady Gaga

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