Grey’s Anatomy – what’s going to happen in season seven?

Grey’s Anatomy season seven premiers in the US tonight – exciting stuff!!! Don’t worry about any spoilers here, I have absolutely no idea what’s in store and I’d like to keep it that way. However, I thought I’d make my predictions as to what I think could happen this year at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Derek and Meredith – Things were going a bit too well for them before McDreamy was shot and Meredith had a miscarriage so I think there must be some sort of break up on the cards due to Meredith’s commitment issues. Thankfully Grey’s writers stopped banging on about that last season, but it must be time for a comeback. They’ll make up, realise that although they’re already “married on a post-it note” it might be time to make it official. Meredith will freak out, Christina will talk her around, and then they’ll get hitched.

This year’s big disaster – I’m guessing there’ll be a fire. It’s the only main disaster that hasn’t happened in recent medical drama history. We’ve had the hospital held hostage by a gunman, a near drowning when that ferry crashed into something, Dr Grey holding a live bomb during surgery so that it didn’t explode in a patient’s body, and an ambulance crash in the ambulance bay. I think there’s a lot of mileage in the hospital catching alight – Dr. April Kepner will burn to death, Meredith will have to choose between saving Christina or Derek, Bailey will save the day….you know the drill, but at least its comforting.

Private Practice guest appearance – Addison will come back to the hospital to save a baby/pregnant woman and she’ll sleep with someone. Not sure who yet, but she isn’t fussy and there are a lot of hotties to choose from this year.

Surprise relationships – I’m predicting that Dr Alex Karev and Dr Teddy Altman will be the next big thing. I don’t think they’ve actually spoken to each other yet, but Lexie is blatantly going to choose McSteamy and I don’t think Christina and Owen’s fling will end any time soon, so that leaves Alex and Teddy without partners – they’re both hot and brooding, so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work…

Dramatic exits – I still need more time to think about this one, so any suggestions welcome. Maybe April Kepner will come to some sort of gory ending. Here’s hoping anyway….

K x

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2 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – what’s going to happen in season seven?

  1. Emma says:

    Ooh I hope all of that happens!
    I reckon there might be a pregnancy… We haven’t had one really since Bailey back in series 2 so there must be another one due. I’m not sure who though, Lexi maybe with some ‘who’s the daddy’ drama with Alex and Mark! 🙂

    • ksanatomy says:

      I forgot about a pregnancy storyline – of course – Genious!!!!

      Great shout about the Lexie/Mark/Alex “who’s the daddy” drama too. I’m already hoping it’s Alex’s, he’d be such a cute dad….

      K x

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