John Stamos is Glee’s new dentist

With all the hype around tonight’s Britney episode, I think people are overlooking the fact that ER veteran John Stamos is making his first appearance in Glee.

And it looks like his medical acting training has paid off as John moves from fairly average ER doc to high school dentist Dr Carl Howell.

Check out this sneak peak from tonight’s episode.

Over the next ten episodes he’ll play Emma’s new goofy love interest, putting Will’s nose out of joint – surely that’s his role?

Personally, I can’t wait to see him sing and dance – Stamos does have a background in musical theater so I have high expectations. And yes, I was thinking the same thing – didn’t his character Tony Gates sing in ER once??

Oh yes he did – here you go. Enjoy!

I wonder if he was annoyed Morris took the lead…

K x

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