George Clooney fears war in Sudan

He obviously wasn’t content with saving patients lives, George Clooney is now taking it up a gear and focusing his attention on saving the world.

The dishy actor is currently on a tour of south Sudan in a bid to draw attention to his fears for war as the region builds up to a vote on whether to break away from Africa’s biggest nation.

According to AFP, George is also accompanied by a US television channel which has been giving details of his visits to mass graves and conversations with tribal elders. He is due to give an account of his visit next week in Washington – basically, it sounds like ER meets the West Wing. AMAZING.

He was clearly inspired by the African ER episodes – to be honest, Goran Visnjic’s and Noah Wyle’s performances were so emotional that I almost traipsed off to the Congo to lend a hand. Unfortunately Thandie Newton turned up and I realised there were some right knobs out there so it put me off a bit.

K x

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