ER favourites – before, then and now

Our old ER favourites are popping up all over the place. Laura Innes is starting in new science fiction drama, The Event, and John Stamos is pursing his medical career as Glee’s new dentist.

I thought it would be interesting to see how these actors have physically changed over time. Surprisingly, the majority look better now than they did 20 years ago.

Eriq La Salle – Dr Peter Benton

While I’m partial to the odd ‘fro, Eriq was at his peak during the ER days. It looks like his stint in 24 and all the directing he’s been doing recently hasn’t served him too badly. He’s looking pretty good considering he’s 48.

Sherry Stringfield – Dr Susan Lewis

Awwww Sherry looks beautiful these days. She’s shed a few pounds since ER and is looking hot! Even Carter commented on how good she looked in the last episode – I almost wish he’d tried it on with her (again) rather than try to sort things out with stupid Kem.

John Stamos – Dr Tony Gates

Not a fan of the mullet. Thankfully he’s sorted out his hair style and is now looking rather dishy. Can’t quite decide if I prefer him clean-shaven or with a bit of stubble – to be honest, I’m not in a position to be too picky. I struggle to believe he’s in his late forties!!! Just one year younger than Eriq La Salle. They breed actors well in the US don’t they?

Laura Innes – Dr Kerry Weaver

I’m actually quite surprised at how little Laura Innes has changed over the years despite a relatively dramatic personal life. Her first fiancé was murdered in the eighties and she herself became ill when her appendix burst shortly after. At 53 years old – she’s not looking bad.

Shane West – Dr Ray Barnett

Shane was hot hot hot throughout his time on ER (even when he was missing his legs), but he’s definitely got better with age – thank goodness he ditched the emo look. He’s now staring in spy thriller series Nikita. I might have to start watching that one.

K x

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1 Response to ER favourites – before, then and now

  1. shane west says:

    Actually I liked Shane when he was in his 20’s and I loved him with his emo look :)))

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