Eric Dane – a nice guy after all?

Eric Dane has taken a break from his sex tapes and fender benders and is supporting his friend, Michael C Hall through his marriage break up.

Grey’s Anatomy’s McSteamy was spotted railing around his buddy, along with another friend, yesterday afternoon as they all ate lunch at a trendy café. Perhaps he isn’t all bad after all.

For those of you unfamiliar with Michael C Hall (I was one of them) he stars in US serial killer drama, Dexter, along with his newly separated wife Jennifer Carpenter. They play brother and sister on the show – is anyone else thinking this might get a bit awkward?

 K x

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3 Responses to Eric Dane – a nice guy after all?

  1. lilly says:

    God, that’s so not even Michael C. Hall!! You’ve got a picture of Eric Dane (whoever he is) was some dude that’s not the guy your story is about!! Hall won the Golden Globe and SAG for best dramatic actor last year, ya know?!

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