AddiSam – the drama continues…

So I watched the follow up episode, and loved it – mostly because, for once, Naomi was amazing.

Sam, on the other hand, did nothing to change my opinion that he is a terrible person. While his girlfriend Addison was spontaneously bursting into tears following the death of her mother, he was busy putting the moves on his long-suffering ex-wife, asking (seductively) how she felt about their recent kiss.

This was bad for two reasons:

  1. The obvious – he has a girlfriend, who he cheated on and rather than showing any remorse he pursued Naomi further
  2. It was completely unfair to put Naomi in that position – he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He wasn’t actually offering her anything, if Nai had wanted more she would been hurt while Sam’s ego received a little boost, however if she denied she still had feelings for him, Sam still had Addison to go home to

Naomi reacted admirably and her often annoying, stone-like composure served her well. If she did still have feelings for Sam, which I doubt, she didn’t let him know. I think, for her, their earlier kiss was about getting one over on Addison.

In fact, Naomi delivered the best line of the series so far when Addison caught on and asked whether something had happened between her and Sam, Naomi replied:

“You know what? Your boyfriend was my husband for 17 years. He married me. I had his child. So, unless you ever hit those milestones, my relationship with Sam will always trump yours.”

Woooooo. Go Nai, go Nai, go-go go Nai!!!!

We’re yet to find out what happens to Addison and Sam now she knows, but they’re both pretty weak – my prediction is nothing much will change, it will just give Addison another thing to be insecure about.

K x

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