Top five…actors addicted to the medical drama

Having watched many many episodes from my favourite TV genre, it has come to my attention that certain actors undoubtedly have more experience in the medical field than others. Even big characters have been known to appear in more than one of my favourite programmes.

Last night I was watching episode six of Off the Map – “It’s Good,” and who should pop up, but Carla (Judy Reyes) from Scrubs, and that was just one of many familiar faces.

Here are some other notable medical drama double-ups, or in some cases triple-ups – I’m not really complaining, but surely there are enough talented actors out there to mix it up a little.

Jayne Brook – Jayne played Pete’s sort-of-girlfriend, Dr Meg Porter, in Private Practice, but before that she happened to play surgical patient Gwen Graber in Grey’s Anatomy back in 2006. She also appeared in the last episode of Off the Map as Lynn – the wife of a patient suffering from an appendicitis (you really don’t want a burst appendix in the jungle).

Sara Gilbert – Although I’ll always remember her as Darlene in Rosanne, Sara has played Dr Jane Figler in ER, pregnant gas-station hostage patient Kelly in Private Practice and lung cancer sufferer Kim Allen in Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Kingston – I think it’ll be a long time before I watch Alex Kingston and not associate her with her ER character, British surgeon Dr Elizabeth Corday. However, I’m sort of enjoying her as American psychologist, Dr Marla Phillips, in Private Practice – not least because it means Sheldon is finally getting some action. Don’t think she’s quite cracked the American accent yet though…

Kellie Martin – ER’s favourite medical student, Lucy Knight was reincarnated as a patient’s sister, Julie Zelman in Grey’s Anatomy and troubled parent Michelle Larsen, in Private Practice.

Jason George – Possibly the worst offender of them all. Jason had a fairly major role in Grey’s where he played Dr Bailey’s boyfriend, Dr Ben Warren, and he’s now playing one of the lead characters in Off the Map, Dr Ortis Cole. Before all this he also played Ethan Mackiner in ER.

Feel free to share any crossovers I’ve missed – I’m sure there must be lots more.

K x

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1 Response to Top five…actors addicted to the medical drama

  1. alwaysright101 says:

    Jayne Brook also was a cast member of Chicago Hope (a medical show that premiered one day before ER did in 1994). I can’t believe you didn’t even put that one down! How do you miss something like that???????????????????

    Sara Gilbert also did a few episodes for Hawthorne, season 2.

    And don’t forget Omar Epps, before playing Foreman, he played Dennis Gant

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