Falling Skies has landed

Hurrah, Falling Skies has finally landed on our TV screens, bringing with it a bearded, more rough-and-ready Noah Wyle and whole host of American hotties, which I’ll eventually end up adoring I’m sure.

I’m three episodes in, and I have to say, it’s alright… I know it’s not a medical drama, but I can actually see me watching it for more than just a Noah fix.

My first thought, which I still can’t quite get my head around, is how on earth are we expected to believe Noah (who plays Tom Mason) as a dad to a teenage boy (Drew Roy)? I mean, I suppose it’s biologically possible, and I’m not sure how old his son is supposed to be (for argument’s sake, let’s say about 17) and Noah’s just turned 40 in real life – but it seems like only yesterday he was playing a young medical student in ER. The other thing, which is mildly disturbing, is that the teenage son, Hal, is quite hot and I can definitely see me lusting after both in some wrong father/son combo. Oh dear!

Hal isn’t Noah’s only son, he’s one of three – Ben (who has been taken hostage by the aliens) and Matt (who is so adorable). Such a cute little family, but it’s missing a Mum…. I wonder just what it would take to convince the show to cast me as Noah’s love interest/step-mum to his kids in the future…. I can just see Noah falling for me as he’s trying to free me from the evil clutches of the aliens, or skitters as they are apparently called.

For those of you that haven’t watched it yet, the premise is that the world was invaded by aliens about nine months ago. The aliens, as I mentioned earlier are called skitters, and they capture and kill humans in a bid to dominate the earth. Noah’s wife died shortly after the initial attack and his middle son has been “harnessed,” which means he’s been caught by the aliens and turned into a zombie like creature with a long lizard thing (the harness) clinging on to his neck and upper back, pumping him with drugs.

While the fighters spend most of their time scavenging for food, ushering the civilians from town to town and fighting rival gangs and the aliens, there is also a medical element. A doctor has just turned up (to remove the harnesses from the skitter prisoners) who seems to have had some sort of history with Noah’s dead wife. There’s also a female psychiatrist who will inevitably turn out to be Noah’s love interest (until I get the gig that is).

It is very far fetched, but I’m actually enjoying it far more than I thought I’d like a sci-fi drama. I’m definitely sticking with it for the meantime anyway.

K x

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