If I had babies with the Grey’s Anatomy doctors

Grey’s Anatomy season 10 comes to the UK soon. I should be excited, but instead I find myself filled with anxiety because I just can’t decide which doctor I fancy the most. Imagine if I ever got to visit the Grey’s Anatomy set and obviously had my pick of all the doctors, I’d be completely flustered because I just wouldn’t know where to focus my attention. In all likelihood I’d end up blowing the opportunity of a lifetime. This simply cannot happen.

My two current favourites, Dr Owen Hunt and Dr Alex Karev, were awesome last season. Both are passionate, good, caring people. They’re both amazing doctors. Both are hot. Neither Karla Hunt nor Karla Karev would sound horrible, so there’s just one last factor that will help me break this tie. What would our babies look like?

Thanks to this nifty little tool from Morph Thing, I can check…

Dr Hunt and I would make such a good couple

Me and Dr Owen Hunt

Me and Dr Owen Hunt

And this is what we’d produce (sweet, but I’d probably give it a hair cut)

Baby Hunt

Baby Hunt

Dr Karev and I is another match made in heaven

Me and Dr Alex Karev

Me and Dr Alex Karev

But I can’t work out if our offspring is a boy or a girl?

Baby Karev

Baby Karev

Close call – but I think Baby Hunt has it -much more adorable. I’m happy with that, Owen is lush. Perhaps I should stop avoiding ginger boys in the real world now that I know our kids won’t necessarily look like they’ve been tangoed.

And just because I got into the whole morphing thing, I thought it was worth seeing what would happen if Derek Shepherd and I procreated.

Baby Shepherd

Baby Shepherd

Nah…. Hunt still wins.

K x

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