Welcome to K’s Anatomy.

I’m a HUGE fan of the current batch of US medical dramas. What’s not to like? Seriously yummy doctors confronting life and death situations in between sordid affairs with their colleagues – these shows definitely have the necessary elements for success. When you throw in big budget special effects it’s no wonder that our UK equivalents struggle to compete.  

ER is my personal favourite, but Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are ranked a very close second. This blog will indulge everything there is to love about these top-rated medical dramas. I have no intention of spoiling upcoming storylines, but I’ll be sharing my thoughts on their characters, infamous scenes and reviewing previous episodes, proving that these shows are the best on TV.

I hope you enjoy it.

K x


4 Responses to About

  1. Yes! I do love this TV Show

  2. Lucy Tinkler says:

    I have trying to find when the new series starts over here, anybody know?!?!? xx

  3. mayaani says:

    did you ever wwatch House

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